Kufatec Sound Booster Extended Kit for Vivaro, Trafic, NV300 and Transit Custom




Want to give your diesel Vivaro/Trafic/NV300/Transit Custom a V6 or V8 engine sound, without the need for an engine swap?…

Believe it or not, the Kufatec Sound Booster Extended kit does just that! This is similar to the Active Sound system as fitted as standard to the latest Audi diesel engines and simulates the characteristics of either a V6 or V8 petrol engine – both inside and outside of the vehicle. Choose from your preferred engine sound simplify by selecting with the dedicated smart phone app.

The kit comprises of the following items:

  • Control unit for engine noise generation
  • Cable adapter
  • External noise generator
  • Kufatec sound booster module
  • Cable set
  • Kufatec Sound Booster Smartphone App

Please note: We recommend fitment and connection by a professional installer only to ensure correct operation.

Fitting Available

We are able to offer fitting by VanKitz directly – currently only available within a 40 mile radius of Bournemouth, Dorset. Please contact us before ordering should you require this service outside of this area.


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